V is for Very Close Now - a Floating Home Update
X is for X-tra Special Floating Home

W is for WTF - is the FLO finally done?!

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W is for WTF...is the FLO finally done?!

Been so long since I've checked in, but I've been real, real busy. 

Finishing off the never-ending to do list on FLO; moving my sailboat Enola into the slip right beside the floating home (what are the chances it would open up?); making all kinds of good food in my new kitchen; researching plants and flowers and edibles for all the planting I'm going to rock this weekend; taking a trip to Belize to shoot a cool sizzle reel in the jungle; trying to get some sort of workout program going; kissing Minka a billion times per day; jammin' a 2 week road trip thru Baja; coming up with new ideas and schemes for the rest of my years; cleaning out all the madness in storage; and just generally trying to pull life together.

I think I'm back though.  And, I must finish off these damn letters so I can move on with fresh meat.  It shall all be done by Monday...and I can fill in all the blanks of my past few months, as well as try to make sense of the future.

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WOW, how wonderful! Enjoy, its been a long journey but patience paid off......Please post more photos. I've been thinking houseboat for a number of years. You're inspiring me.

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