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Hands Down, The Best Sandwich I've Ever Made


Sunday's are my crazy day. 

All hell breaks loose in the kitchen, every home project is in a half state of completion, various new cocktail concoctions flow all the live long day, and I'm just generally a happier person once I get home from the farmers market and can just wile away the day. 

I tend to pull all the old from the fridge, combine it with all the new and draft up some new things to munch on.  I start out with the best of intentions - maybe something REAL healthy...but after one rye drink, the condiments pop out and the world is a mayo/homemade chili oil fest.

This sandwich I whipped up last Sunday literally took our breath away in its simplicity and deliciousness.  The toasted ciabatta was slathered with butter before being tossed in the broiler, then both sides layered with incredibly generous amounts of Kraft mayo.  The tuna I made about an hour beforehand was the good stuff - the kind that is poached in olive oil in a little glass jar.  I mixed it up with capers, fresh parsley, lemon juice, tiny bits of celery and rosemary infused feta cheese.  Once that was plopped on a mayo rich piece of bread, it was topped with sliced hard boiled egg, slivered red onion, sliced cucumber, fresh basil and a generous lug of the chile oil.

This is the sandwich that legends are built around. 

Now - the shrimp & cauliflower pasta on the other hand.  Delish in its own gluten free pasta/I love tumeric way...but don't you know it was even better cold the next day with guess what?  A boatload of mayo and some fire-like chili oil.

What does your Sunday hold?  Mine is just starting!
















It look more like a "torta" to me. Anyway it looks good, however I would challenge you try one of my tortas of huevos con chorizo or other of my specials, and I'm just a toratas lover.


Hi MST...the place looks fab! You seem to have figured out the uber coolest way to live in LaLaLand. Cheers from BC.


Sundays are a great day to stay home and putz.
The sandwich looks beyond delish!
Thanks for sharing.

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