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Why I Never Get a Thing Done - Blame the FLO

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I mean look,

I innocently try to get through a full day on the FLO with no distractions.  But, then outta nowhere comes Bill, my pal Robin's Hawaiian hubby on his fishing boat, delivering some fresh fish he literally just caught an hour before.  I mean, who gets fresh fish delivered to the back of their kitchen?  He filleted some and scaled some - what a freaking DELIGHT!  He's just a good man, fishing on his days off and trying to bring a little bit of island life to Marina del Rey.

When he motors off, I gotta finish up the strawberry handpies I was making thanks to an influx of strawberries from my boyfriends mom while she was in town.  See, that's the prob with pastry, sugar and fruit - they are all to be eaten within about 6 hours - especially since they were teensy tiny. 

And, then same day, I'd managed to whip up some kind of insane veggie potpie with rosemary biscuits on top - like bubbling hot and so freakishly homey and delicious, the whole thing is also devoured quick as lightening.    So much for leftovers.  But, dishes like this take a minute to put together.  Guess I've never shredded butter before.  Makes total sense to add it that way to flour though.

Throw in perfectly chilllllllled rose, constant doggie games on Floor 3, whipping up Minka some homemade chix stock/veggie madness to supplement her already mouthwatering diet, fixing up the little things on the FLO that only I seem to notice, and really really trying to develop some kind of workout program that I might possibly stay loyal to - well, there are just way way way too many wonderful distractions during the day to get jack crapola done. 

However all that said...I really am gonna get some things done soon)

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Napa Valley - I Took 3 Pictures the Whole Weekend!

Who goes to Napa Valley and takes only 3 pictures?
Especially of a place I've never been!   Let me tell you though - 3 really lovely pix.  
Me in a constant state of lit (thanks Alex for all the wine and oysters and smoked meats and laughs with the dogs!)...never met hosts so great as her and John...
And two of the most delicious breakfasts at the B & B we were staying at - Oak Knoll Inn (thanks for the bounty of champagne the moment we stepped out of the car!).  I must recreate the chile relleno/egg/puff pastry dish.  We did it all right, even though you can't tell from the lack of pix.  Wine tastings, great dinners, champagne in the pool for lunch.  Even popped a quick wine/small bite/laugh stop at Bell St. Farm in Los Alamos on the way home.  LOVE THAT JOINT!
Turns out - summer is already happening and I've barely in touched on all that's going on right now!  The Flo is looking good, the sailboat is pretty as ever.  Minka is a stone cold mess, but the happiest dog I know.  I've got a road trip home to TN coming up.  Work just keeps getting turned down.  Just trying to live a minute, you know?  I haven't even touched on last months trip to Tulum and Hartwood...or the quickie flight to Baja for a scout in a remote mountain village.  So much all the time - but intel will come, I promise!
Still things to do though - get on the MEGA life workout program.  Cook and cook and cook.  Oh yah - make some shows, movies and books.  For real though :)
As the summer turns...

But Then I Remember Why Belize is SOOO Special

Especially after a nice Cuba Libre for breakfast....
I asked the lady running the hotel breakfast room if it would be nuts to have rum for breakfast and she laughed and cheered me (with her own bit she was nippin on)!  My kind of peeps.  Life is too short to not have a damn drink when you exit the hell of the Belizian jungle.  The pina colada I had the night we got out tore my stomach up.  I was so used to just beans and rice and water. Good to know you can't just go back!
Anyhow - we roll out different people.  At least I was.  You begin to realize what you should (and shouldn't) leave home for.   I used to be the gal who would tear out for a job with barely a minutes notice, but things are on the change...I missed Minka something terrible - but then met 2 dogs on the island we had to stop at on the way to Snake Island.  They made my day with their funny dreads and their excited way they greeted every boat that roared by.  
What a simple life the ranger led.  Visitors come.  Tell them about the islands.  Day done.  Holla.
The boat ride over to Snake Island was perfect - I made rum and cokes with fresh ginger and limes.  Coconut rum, mind you.  We swam with sharks.  We saw loads of crazy colorful fish while snorkeling.  We had a ball our last day.   And, then it was over.  Just like that.
Kylie went on to film this new show on Discovery Channel - Naked and Afraid. Her episode premieres July 28 so mega root for her (it's the season finale)!  Dave the DP had just wrapped the new Robert Redford sailing movie he shot in Baja (ALL IS LOST - cannot wait til that comes out this summer)!  And, we will wait and see what becomes of Mark and his footage of the shoot.  Forgot to tell you - in all that freaking jungle...WE FOUND IT.  It was an impossible discovery, but we did it.  

Remind Me Next Time - I HATE the Jungle :)

Thing is - the jungle is a NIGHTMARE.  
It's muggy (my hair never looked better); it's claustrophobic (like being buried alive); it's rife with danger (giant blades on almost every tree we'd scurry past); and it's giving up no tasty food like the ocean does (snake, anyone?).  All that said, it's still pretty mesmerizing.  All that green. 
We'd be out shooting and I'd walk :30 seconds away from camp and feel like I was literally lost for good.  No way back.  No chance of picking someone out through the leaves of the trees.   I think we were all ready to bolt by day 2. After hiking 7 miles in carrying these freakishly heavy backpacks and all our own food and gear, I'm stunned there wasn't a revolt.  Like - WHERE THE F ARE THE PORTERS!  None to be found, just a few guides wielding machetes, a park ranger and us alone with our sweat and thoughts.  And beans and rice.  
I had visions of campfires with delicious cauldrons of soups being simmered all day.  Perhaps some late night moonshine.  Not to happen. Once we got out of the truck and realized what was before us, we ditched all alcohol and non-essentials.  Beans and rice it was.  
Ky is a survival expert but even she wasn't prepped for the sheer and utter fatigue of it all.  5 river crossings, soft rocky ledges, everywhere you looked cloaked by millions of tons of green, ticks so tiny you were awash in 100 of them before you noticed even one of them.  
The miz was intense.  But, at least we laughed.  We filmed.  We saw the fabled peccary (wild jungle pigs) and got it on tape.   But, still - we couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Even the hot sauce couldn't make beans and rice edible for 3 meals a day.  The peanut butter had long ran out.  My bod craved a pina colada (anything cold really) something fierce.  We were beyond dehydrated.  And, you just wanted to crawl into your tent the minute sundown was on the horizon.  Let the day end.  Me and Ky laughed like animals til we fell asleep in shades of heat stroke.
All that said, I'm delighted I did it.  But, oh yah - remind me NEVER AGAIN :)))