How I Ended Up In the Jungles of Belize
But Then I Remember Why Belize is SOOO Special

Remind Me Next Time - I HATE the Jungle :)

Thing is - the jungle is a NIGHTMARE.  
It's muggy (my hair never looked better); it's claustrophobic (like being buried alive); it's rife with danger (giant blades on almost every tree we'd scurry past); and it's giving up no tasty food like the ocean does (snake, anyone?).  All that said, it's still pretty mesmerizing.  All that green. 
We'd be out shooting and I'd walk :30 seconds away from camp and feel like I was literally lost for good.  No way back.  No chance of picking someone out through the leaves of the trees.   I think we were all ready to bolt by day 2. After hiking 7 miles in carrying these freakishly heavy backpacks and all our own food and gear, I'm stunned there wasn't a revolt.  Like - WHERE THE F ARE THE PORTERS!  None to be found, just a few guides wielding machetes, a park ranger and us alone with our sweat and thoughts.  And beans and rice.  
I had visions of campfires with delicious cauldrons of soups being simmered all day.  Perhaps some late night moonshine.  Not to happen. Once we got out of the truck and realized what was before us, we ditched all alcohol and non-essentials.  Beans and rice it was.  
Ky is a survival expert but even she wasn't prepped for the sheer and utter fatigue of it all.  5 river crossings, soft rocky ledges, everywhere you looked cloaked by millions of tons of green, ticks so tiny you were awash in 100 of them before you noticed even one of them.  
The miz was intense.  But, at least we laughed.  We filmed.  We saw the fabled peccary (wild jungle pigs) and got it on tape.   But, still - we couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Even the hot sauce couldn't make beans and rice edible for 3 meals a day.  The peanut butter had long ran out.  My bod craved a pina colada (anything cold really) something fierce.  We were beyond dehydrated.  And, you just wanted to crawl into your tent the minute sundown was on the horizon.  Let the day end.  Me and Ky laughed like animals til we fell asleep in shades of heat stroke.
All that said, I'm delighted I did it.  But, oh yah - remind me NEVER AGAIN :)))


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