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Found: Best Bread in the World - Flora Farms

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Still dreaming about...

In the bread of all bread categories in the world, the very best one EVER is to be found at Flora Farms in San Juan del Sur, Baja - I just spent my birthday there and walked away more sauced up on the homemade life than ever before.  It's exactly what I needed to see & experience to remember all the things that make my heart shine.

Let me just say this bread - still warm from the oven - was a shock to my buds.  The crunch of walnut, the tang of olives, the blast of rosemary and the moistness that comes from olive oil made this bread a life-changer.  I must attempt to recreate it.  I must also attempt to land my hands on one of those culinary cottages they have for sale.  Man - it's like the FLO come alive in a garden in the middle of the desert in Mexico. Not to mention all the rescued dogs for Minka to play with.  She didn't want to leave.  Ane, neither did I.


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