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Stewpot Love

I've introduced my mom and dad's dog, DOC, to the wonders of stewpot and the ferocious 24/7 love of Minka.  They are peas in a pod no doubt.  

This stewpot is loaded with lots of good chicken, broth from the bones, bits of carrots, peels of potatoes, and chunks of celery that simmer all day long (meanwhile, I'm shovin' the french onion and chips mom just grabbed from the store).  The whole house smells like a real home all day long, and then the pups get a bit of stewpot, a bit of kibble and some broth.  Heaven.  

Minka runs from here to high heaven in the back 40 all day long.  She cannot believe the very fact that she can go outside the front door LEASHLESS.  She turns back - like WTF?  We let her and Doc out about a billion times a day and they already have a mega sked that keeps up with mom's.  She checks in on the dogs that the neighbor boards multiple times a day, which means that Doc and Pea must check in as well.  They are the best of friends.

All over the yard are wild mushrooms and some kind of wild garlic we tossed in Lisa's spaghetti resides next to the wee house in the pet cemetery. Earlier today, I discovered a pile of huge onions growing out of the dirt.  Good Lord - it's homemade come to life in the hills of TN.  All dogs included :)

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