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With Mexico being the norm.

See, here's the thing.  Look how happy these pictures of Casa de Mita in Mexico make us.  Compared to the doldrums and horror of the snow and sludge and cold of winter in most of America at this moment.

I was just there at de Mita last month for my b-day (a big fat treat to myself) and listen, to me...there is pretty much no place on earth right now that rivals this magical little haven.   I have been multiple times, but this time - yet again - solidified that I not only am looking for a guarantee of happiness in my travels, but I'm also really super jazzed about being taken care of while out there.  

Lalo and Memo are sent from above as far as their social skills, drink making skills, and humorous attitude day & night.  Really, everyone there is a spectacular artform in their ability to make me feel at right at home and very far away all at the same time.  

I can practice my Spanish, I can walk the beach 24/7, I can eat incredible food, I can read book after book, I can work the killer tan, and I can play with the doggies while missing Minka - (I have a heartwrenching tale I will share sometime about their newest pup Madison some day, but I'm still too tender over it all to go into it - however, she is a rock start and doing great)!  

Thw owner, Marc, has created the perfect paradise in my fave place on earth (well, it ties with Indo) and I simply cannot wait to get back.  Again, the cold is here in these dark mountains and Mexico tends to be a place in my soul where the sun always shines, the smiles always burst, and the drinks are always frosty cold.  

Bless you, Casa de Mita.

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declare it the year of MST (you can) I did it once for a New Year resolution and it was... a very good year.

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