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My Next Big Road Quest Will Be...

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to find the perfect Mexican village.

Why?  Cause I think about it every single day.  And sometimes, you just gotta go with the ongoing thought process. It will be a trip that happens later in the year, but an epic one.  Done by truck, with dog in tow.  Somewhere on the Pacific coast is the tiny village that haunts my mind. 

The places that come to mind are already too saturated...probably because I know about them so well.  I'm not saying I wont revisit them and give them a go, but I feel like the PERFECT place is one that I've not been to yet.  It would have the vibe of San Pancho (maybe it is San Pancho), a bit of the arts like San Miguel de Allende, the walkability of Yelapa, totally drivable from the USA and not on the expensive side like Isla Mujeres.  I dig the island flavor of Isla Mujeres but I'm not feeling the Caribbean these days, and Isla Holbox - though cute - just seems so far away. 

Maybe once I'm further down - Puerto Angel area - maybe things will start to click again.  But I think it's literally a border cross and a mosey all the way down the Pac side for a few months.  Why not?

I just went to Baja this past weekend for a weekend long Spanish class and I think I've quite possibly been handed the golden key to understanding how to finally master this language.  Can you imagine if that's the case?  

I've got to start planning it all now - but again, most likely, this wee spot on earth is a place I will happen upon randomly - like most good things...obvi, food is a priority - there must be super fresh seafood and warm balmy waters.  The ocean must be swimmable (unlike most of Todos Santos); it would be super if I could ride my bike most places; dog-friendly is a must; margs must always be on the happs; and it's got to have a tight-knit (but not unbreakable) community feel for things. 

Dang, if you go back all these years to my first Toothie posts, I was looking for the same thing way, way back then.  Unreal...my soul has never stopped searching for a place to land south of the border.

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Oh, its there. Just around that bend, down towards the left or perhaps the right just past that tope but the name does not appear on the map and its pretty quiet and a little dusty but omg...the view of the ocean is amazing! Lo and behold there is a 'restaurnte' that serves up the best of everything and they rent out rooms too and yes,of course, dogs are welcome.

Nice post MST.


There's this magnificent bay with water that you just walk into and sink in serenity for the experience. It has no sign on the road, but this little Mexican village IS visited on the weekends,not by gringos but Mexicans. The seafood and drinks are FAB and I almost hate to say the name, but I will - Chacala. It's about 40 minutes north of Rincon de Guayabitos. All I could say as I drove around looking at it was "sweet". It reminded me of PV in the 60's and 70's. Just pristine. Hope you make it there. There is a meditation center there for holistic living, as well. Sorry, I don't remember the name of it.

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