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Unexpected Baja, for the Curious Kind

How a Road Trip Comes to Be...

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Thing is, Baja is just so, so, so easy.

A pal just got back from San Fran - first words?  It's FREEZING up there.  I just got back from mainland Mexico - first words from others - "Wow, you are so tan."  Difference is - cold vs hot at this time of year is crucial to my happiness.  Even in LA, it's can get chilly, especially come nighttime on a boat.  And, I just don't dig the cold - I will never say that enough.

I was driving down PCH the other day to my fave gas station that I head to when I have a jones to hit the road to Baja but simply cannot...and I noticed that Dockweiler was empty of most Rv's.  Probably all headed south to AZ or Mexico cause that's what I'd do when the temp dips below 60.  

So, I got all fired up - back on the Baja train again..it just haunts me cause like I said, it's so easy.  So very easy to load up Minka, pack a bag, hop in the truck and just go.  In a few hours, you're across the border with a marg in hand and a killer lobster lunch.  The possibilities are endless...and no real reservations need to be made.

Every glance off the side of the road = a new possibility for exploration, like the funky trailer park I discovered on the beach just an hour south of the border.  We didn't stay there (we were headed all the way to Todos), but man, the spy thriller than could be written in one of these tiny little shacks.  Fog rolling in, distant bark of a dog, not a soul around.  EEEEEE!!!!

Time to re-up my Mexico truck insurance cause I feel a bolt on the make. EEEEEE!!!  But, I'm gonna try very hard to reign it in...there is business to be done here on the homefront and I'm diggin' it so Baja will have to wait, but soon...very soon, my outlaw friend!

In other news - I will post some great times from Casa de Mita that I had last week (Madison the pup is doing AMAZING), and some other things on the make...PLUS finally about to move on to a new slate of projects after being stone cold obsessed with these 2 shows we produced last winter finally being wrapped up this week, which means we pitch soon!  Super duper excited about both of them and can't wait to put them to bed and clear up some brain space.

I have also discovered the most amazing home delivery CSA called Farm Box LA and I've been making all kinds of good stuff from their amazing produce selection. I can't get over how awesome it is to have everything delivered on a Sunday - I no longer have to leave home...which is kinda scary, but wonderful all at once!  More on that soon, as well - cause this CSA is worthy of a full writeup.

Meanwhile, it's time to oder Indian.   Akbar is just calling my name on this bone chilling eve.

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