Unexpected Baja, for the Curious Kind
Italy Down South - Just Below Tecate, Baja

Back When Flo Was Being Ripped Apart...


I knew I was going to create something wonderful to live in, someplace to call home for a good, long spell.  And, I did.  With the help of many, it all came together into a wee oasis that I still can't believe is mine.  But the time has come for change again. 

Time to curate even more.  Across all levels of life.  Things I own, places I go, how my time is spent.  Projects I choose to work on, how I choose to move my body, what I put in it.  Good new vibes are in the air and summer is on the way. 

Every day I just want to discover something new, eat something fresh, laugh something fierce and learn even more.

All these old bones, much like good ole girl Flo's, are about to get re-checked for a whole new way of living.


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