Back When Flo Was Being Ripped Apart...
Oh Casa de Mita How I LOVE YOU

Italy Down South - Just Below Tecate, Baja

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I've never been a gal who was into super fancy food.  I'm more into the overall make-up of a place.  Homegrown ingredients.  Smiling hosts.  Owners bangin' around in the kitchen and the front of the house - serving food, bussing tables, making drinks and chatting with the customers.  It's how I'd do it at least, all with a nice chilled glass of something delish in hand. 

La Manzana Verde is this exact spot.  I've flown past it a billion times on the way to and from points further away - and never stopped - what a shame.  I just love the whole joint.  The canned veggies lining the shelf, the chaos of being a one-man shop, the old guy wobbling around out in the backyard, the fresh herbs beside the al fresco tables, the time it takes to make pizza from scratch, the laugh a minute vibe - just all of it. 

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The idea of pulling up a chair to the bar, having a glass of local red, and really just tossin' on an apron to lend a hand - all while practicing my Spanish really just makes me happy way deep down in my soul.  Dog's welcome.

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We even took the pizza to go and had it that night once we were back home cozed down on the FLO.  Probably a 2-lb cheese fest, but it was just so fresh, so full of love, so tasty - why not bring happiness with you?

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