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Oh Casa de Mita How I LOVE YOU


Last month, me and my bud Lis, took off for my #1 standby, Casa de Mita.  This amazing spot on earth has become my 100% guarantee refuge from all things CRAZY.  The minute I get there, a quick pitstop is made at the marina to grab a frozen marg.  Mind back on track - CHECK.

45 minutes after landing in Puerto Vallarta, I'm skipping through the front gate of a place that has come to feel like my home away from home.  Lalo and Memo are on the make - laughing a mile a minute and ready to whip me up another drink...pronto.  The smells bubbling out of the kitchen make me woozy with joy, and the very idea of seeing Thomas for a 90 minute massage is enough to drive one to tears.  A spy thriller is in hand immediately, clothes are yanked off, and a tan is on the happs.

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Memo looks super fly in my Ray Bans (I'm gonna have to procure something of the like for him and Lalo next trip down) and these boys just keep me laughing and truly happy all day long.

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Activity on the beach involves all makes and models - dog lovers, sand joggers, intent fisherman and oyster harvesters, couples strolling about, families enjoying the day - but mostly it's deserted. 

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The pool is heated - oh so gently.  Which brings me to the swim up bar.  I mean - what a dangerous place to find me and Lis (and me and Chez last time) at the top of the day.  It really sets the right tone for how life should be lived.

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A fresh bottle of champagne is popped at lunch or dinner, or breakfast if you want...just when you are ready for a beach stroll and a quick nap.  All chilled glasses, all top shelf.

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Now if I sell one of these shows I'm currently pitching, guess where I'm headed? :)


Casa de Mita - go now.

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