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I Mean Seriously, Who Serves Free Crab Legs Like Bread

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Of course, it's my peeps down in Baja!

Did a shortie trip a few weeks ago for a new show and don't you know I was dirt roadin', hard scopin', big LURKIN', and always on the make for some new good eats.  Discovered a super tiny village over by Baja Fox Sutdios that was the epicenter of fresh seafood coming out of the Pacific.  CANNOT believe I've never veered right down that dirt road.  WTF?

Each little spot/shack was know for something particular - BBQ fish, giant lobster, chocolate clams...and it all literally just came off the boat.  Unloading was happening right when we rolled through.  Margs first up (these folks ain't out of limes, mind you) - and the best little wooden board rolled out with a smooth rock for crushing the crab legs that are just straight up free with the chips and salsa.  Never did I expect that one!  

Crazy shenanigans on the make down that way - and I just got my pix sorted, so more to come in the next couple few.  Baja - soundtrack to my life.   I never could have written that one back in the day.

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