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My Wee Little Floating Home Makes the Today Show of Paris


Remember when little old FLO was just a work in progress?

Well, first a disaster, then a constant takeover of my life, then a beauty.  Well, that small space living LA Times article last summer attracted a super cool producing team here locally that shoots for the Today Show of France and they did a neat spot on FLO.  

Check it out here - you prob have to download it (button on top left), but it's a great 'lil piece!  From just a set of studs to full glory of water living.  Nice job!  Guess I live here :)




FABULOUS - all the angst and hard work has paid off with an extraordinary place to live!
I must admit I'm envious........IF and WHEN you get to SMA, I'd love to meet you for a cappuchino.

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