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36 Hours in Baja - A Journal of Sorts (From Baja Bound)

Tequila, Wildfires, Cortez Adventures, All Day Swims - Baja Rules Again

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Just back from a truly epic Baja roadtrip from LA to Loreto and back.

1st night - hotel on fire.  drink margs, help as much as we can...and ultimately head further south.   what are the chances it would be OUR HOTEL in the middle of nowhere that the fires gravitated toward?  

2nd night - arrive at our lovely house on the beach in Loreto.  this is for sure the way to go forever - house rentals.  luxe ones at that.  

3rd night and onward - snorkel out at the islands, drink body weight in tequila, shoot a few tv show ideas, and read a handful of spy thrillers wtih couple of serial killer and civil rights mysteries thrown in for good measure.  generally just enjoy, slow down, eat, brainstorm, take pleasure.

this is our backyard, people.  you can drive.  back again soon, promise.

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