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When Life Hits Mach 10, Keep Eating


When it gets this crazy, it's time to just step back, take a breather and remember all the dirt roads out there somewhere, waiting to be explored and raged down.

Got a lot going on - new shows, big budgets, upcoming trips (hello Philippines), just got back from a cross country expedition to Texas for a show super close to my heart, and really wanting to kick it on back and plan my winter escape!

Delighted the new Ryan Adams album is out; LOVED Otto's in Fredericksburg, TX; over-the-moon daylight savings time is on the horizon; and really beyond happy that the construction in the marina will end in a few months.  It's beena long hectic summer and it's time for SOUP again.

One meal at a time - especially if it's from La Picazon in LTO, Baja - mst

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