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Shhhhh! I Have the Secret Ingredient in PERFECT Baja Fish Tacos

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It ain't the salsas, that's for sure)

I never would have believed it if I hadn't been there myself.  I mean, when does one ever get so lucky to witness first hand the fresh mix-up of Baja fish taco batter - actually like front row witness?  I can tell you - NOT MANY.   The little mama running this joint was pouring and churning a slew of ingredients all by heart and I'm sure years of experience - she had no idea my obsession as she spooned in the ingredients...she even did a 2nd batch, so I have real confirmation of what it takes to make the perfect Baja fish taco.

Now, I've been going to Baja for years and there is not one taco in the US that can compare.  I used to think it was the flour.  Maybe it was came from some special batch like how you need Lily White for proper skillet cornbread down South.  Then, I wondered was it the ratio?  Was it just a specific amount of Mexican beer that only the Baja ladies had mastered?  Now, I know the seafood is way fresher than most of the BS we have in the states (Gulf Wild - I can't wait til you rule the world and shake the fishing industry on its ass) - but man, there had to be something else entirely. 

And, then I saw her do it.  TWICE!  As I fiddled with my camera (ie - full recon on the DL), I witnessed this fine lady squirt in a boatload of yellow mustard.  Plain old French's.  OMG.  What a revelation.  Never would I have thought that childhood saffron jar of tangy mustard would be responsible for half my adult life's infatuation.  Where I come from, yellow mustard is for hot dogs, cheeseburgers, corn dogs - easy things like that.  Not the most perfect tacos the world has ever known. 

I know this because I look for those tacos high and low at home and in my travels and I know others do to.  I read the blogs, I get the updates.  We haven't managed to perfect them yet, and trust me I try to find them once a week.  In fact, most fish tacos are obliterated and really disgraced, if you ask me. 

But, these....these are the kind you yelp out as a dying wish.  Just give me a batch of Baja fish tacos with ALL the fixin's and I'll die a happy girl.  But, they better be made with mustard.

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