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Best Baja Bites - Right Now - A Photo Expose

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From just harvested oysters in a roadside shack perched above the Sea of Cortez to Spanish style pan con tomato (perfectly charred) on a cobble stone street tucked away in an old mining town, Baja and all her food never disappoints me.  

We (me, the man, and the dog) have been on a long leisurely trip down this way for the past few weeks and still have one more week to go - filming a few passion projects as we go.  And, of course, you know my real reason for coming is the food, the drink and the sun.  It just so happens we can self appoint ourselves on some projects as we enjoy all three!

Lobster ravioli drenched in the lightest, butteriest, most mouthwatering cream ever; freakishly refreshing cocktails with homemade bitters at Flora Farms; never-to-be-beaten omelette's bathed in poblano cream; tiny personal pizzas that sing out our names every time we pass the wood fired oven down main street in Loreto; pop up taco bars in Todos Santos where they dunk the tortillas in pork fat before frying them; guacamole of the gods for breakfast up in wine valley; crispy yet soft at the same time chimichangas; homemade biscuits stuffed with breakfast goodies at a dirt road coffee shop pumping out techno music at 9 am; baby bay scallops simmered away in a thyme and wine reduction served oceanside with barrels of hand slapped tortillas; butter soaked cracked crab for breakfast near Gypsy Beach; gooey chile rellenos nestled into warm tomato sauce with a coconut flecked margarita for lunch; and late night foil bags full of baked potatoes with handfuls of cheese, corn, mushrooms and a myriad of salsas to top it of - even the last bite is still steaming.

What's crazy about this round up is it's barely even touched the surface of what my poor tummy has inhaled over the past 15 days.  I have hit a point where lettuce sounds good.  Just lettuce.   :)  

But, the journey must continue...

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Mouthwatering photos MST ...glad you are well and still on the mexi road.

happy new year xo

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