Been Around the World and Back
Guaranteed Good Baja Grub

Snapshots from the 3rd Floor of The Flo


Just cause I live on a boat, don't mean I can't have grass. 

When I got home from Istanbul, let me put it this was like I came home to paradise.  The Flo was super clean (thanks to Nando & Bessie - the dream team), the sailboat looked all shiny and beautiful (again Nando's handy work).  The dinghy was all ready to be outfitted with a super cool electric engine (Michael, my dad and Kuba took on that one) and life just looked and felt like a dang postcard.

Then, the heatwave came this past week - which I am pretty much over - bring on Fall and Apple Crisps and Stews and Cornbread and Boots.  With the heat, came my parents - they showed up on a surprise trip from TN with their 2 doggies (what a ball?!).  Who drives cross country as a surprise?  But, I cooked, we ate.  We drank all day long.  They pilfered my storage.  We ate some more.  They introduced me to the wonders of Advil PM (omg, finally a solid night of sleep).   I got back into my boxing classes, which I love.  Contracts we've been waiting to get done are finally lining up right so we can sell some more TV.  My girl, Minka, bestowed her grace and charm on me and made me remember what it's like to be adored 100%.  I got a new desk, a new outdoor table and a new bookshelf - which all made me feel immensely happy.  I shipped my gal, Lisa, off to Abu Dhabi to take over for me on the Arabic show for Discovery International.  I was just ready to be home....and it feels really awesome.

Oh, and I sold our 23' Airstream to a Toothie fan - perfect - it means I can upgrade pronto just in time for the winter season, which I want to spend in Baja, Borrego Springs and maybe some parts of deep Southwest USA.  If there are new, cool, interesting shows out there to build concepts around, I shall find them.  As well as explore some deep ley lines of creativity.

Now, I just gotta do my taxes tomorrow - then for real, life can begin again!





Thanks Misty. I'm going to look into it next time I'm in the USA. Sorry we didn't connect when you were in San Miguel. Drat.


Babs - It's just the astro turf stuff that looks 100% real and is sooooo soft. We love it and there is zero upkeep - we have it on all the balconies and are barefoot all the time :)


Really? Real grass. or the new synthetic that looks real. I would love to have on the roof terrace here in San Miguel, if it is NO maintenance.........My toes miss grass as much as my toes miss sand.

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