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Big Fish Texas - Series Premiere on National Geographic Channel

IMG_0018Been a long time but that's cause I've literally been around the world and back.  More on that later, but the BREAKING NEWS is that a TV show that me and my gang at Fatcake Productions created and Executive Produced with the good folks at Asylum Entertainment is premiering on National Geographic Channel Feb 3 at 9/8c.  It's an 8-episode run and it's all about an awesome commercial fishing family in Galveston, TX working their butts off to save the world's oceans one stressful day at a time.  It's an amazing show that I'm super proud of.  Check it out and here's the teaser and press release and where to follow along real time with info!

Check out the preview:

Here's the press release:

Big Fish Texas Promo

You can send some good vibes to me, Misty Tosh and my Lisa Colangelo and the Big Fish Texas family on Twitter at @mst1 @lisacolangelo1 and @Fatcake2016 @natgeochannel @katiesseafood @gulfwild





Darn, sorry I missed it. I was on a secluded beach for 7 weeks on the Pacific with no internet, TV or much other contact with the outside world. It was the most restorative time of my life............

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