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Breaking the Heat in Baja

Paying Bills, Organizing Life & Daydreaming of Mexico


So much time passes in between my posts, but the minute I log back into my Toothie account, it's like the whole world opens up again.  I jump from here to there in no time flat.  One second in a Jersey City coffee shop tackling my life and whoosh...the next second, I am down in Todos Santos, Baja, sippin' on a margarita ready to kick it with my dogs at Cerritos Beach.

That's what this little blog does for me.  Helps me escape the moment in time that I am in and takes me back (or forward) to the moment in time I want to be in. 

Lots going on in the MST life - bought a 6-acre horse farm/homestead just north of Santa Fe, so spent a few months there getting it all sorted this past spring.  Now in NYC working on a new TV show for a super great pal of mine and literally drinking and eating my way thru this city in the downtime.  Plotting (once again) where to move my sailboat cause you see, I didn't realize I would love New Mexico so much...and now LA just seems like an afterthought.  Don't get me wrong, I love FLO (my floating home) and all, but I think the older I get the more space I need.  Well, the dogs just need to be free and that is the main reason I stay on the move - curating life as I go.  I think that is all one can really do, just take what comes your way and adjust accordingly.

Where to move the boat?  Baja?  La Cruz?  The Pacific seems wild.   I need blue blue blue.  Sea of Cortez?  Time to find some Turkish food and ponder.



Hey thanks for the offer! There is just no way I could ever sell that piece of work...she was meant to be mine and I hers :)

Lea Agol

Sounds like you may be thinking of making a more permanent move from LA - If you are thinking about selling Flo would love to talk to you about it ;)

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