Been Around the World and Back


Time does not change me.  I change time.

There's an picture of me that I will never forget - I am a kid, in a hallway in one of our temporary homes, it's Christmas.  I had just been given 2 dollhouses as presents.  I had a shit eating grin on my face that defied time.  Cut to 35 some-odd years later.  Now, I am in Istanbul, Turkey (the Asian side).  We've almost wrapped a new Arabic talk show I helped launch.  I've got cold champagne in one hand and that same shit eating grin on my mug.  I suppose not much has changed since old Misty girl was a kid.

Been getting lots of emails on where the heck am I and why is The Tooth not being updated. 

Well, I've been a busy bee - I sold my first show that I created from scratch straight to series to National Geographic Channel and worked on that for months down in Texas.  It will air in January.

Right after we wrapped, I drove all through mainland Mexico, and even did a 2 week stint in San Miguel de Allende, where I am most certain I would have been murdered if I'd stayed a hot second longer.

I just got back from a month in Istanbul, where a new talk show I was working on was one of the toughest (and funnest) of my career.  Americans, Turks and Arabs - what a lovely lesson in world politics.

Currently, I am now home on my boat in the marina with my dog, Minka, and watching the sun set - it's massive and golden orange and I cannot take my eyes off it - which is causing me loads of hotspots while writing this.

Bottom line, I'm back.  I'm going to create & sell more shows.  I'm going to make many more wonderful meals in my floating kitchen.  I'm going to get a 27' Airstream (upgrade from the 23').  I'm going to make it all happen, just like I always thought I would.  Same shit eating grin the whole way. 

Much to come - mst

Eastern Exposure, Daily Flo Shakedowns & Corazon de Tierra


The amount of things that shake down daily on this floating home is just insane. 

I try to keep up with it all - and make good food, drink good spirits, and create good things all around.  Sadly though - this blog is the last thing on my mind as I try to get through the day.  Not that I don't think about posting daily - I do.  It's just that finding the time is becoming harder and harder. I gotta change that though - and it's gonna start right now!  Because I use this site as a tool to help me remember where I was at what point in life...PLUS, it's an amazing foodie reference for me when I want to revisit, or share, or link someone up with lots of intel from my fave places around the globe.

First off - a MST update.  I've been working my bootie off on a handful of new shows that we (Fatcake) are developing.  We have driven to TX and back doing shoots for our fishing family show; we've got 5 more deals on top of that one that just literally got done making their way through legal - and I love each and every one of these shows like mad.  It's just FREAKY how long it all takes, though.  From idea, to devo, to shoot, to pitch, to contract to actual deal done - like a freakin YEAR!  On each and every show.  We're staying super positive though and just knowing that doing what we really dig, with peeps we super believe it - well it's going to pay off.  And, I suppose through all of this, my ultimate goal is simply freedom. 

Freedom to work on what I want, to develop what I love, to conspire with folks I laugh with, and to really be a part of the worlds bigger picture through creative endeavors.  Pretty simple, eh?

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That all said - Baja. 

As we've been planning on taking the airstream down this winter and the aftermath of Odile keeps getting shared - it seems less likely we will make our way down for any extended amount of time.  I told Kuba yesterday that it would a damn shame if we didn't at least get a few weeks down in Southern Baja before the holidays, so we might try to make that happen.  The Dept. of Tourism in TJ released a statement that said 'if you go to Baja right now, you are doing a disservice to the residents.'  There is very little water, food, and fuel up and down the peninsula so just stand by a minute and let things marinate a bit for the locals.  I can honor that, as much as I want to be in the truck rolling down come Nov. 1.  I'm going to just keep my eyes peeled on the super helpful Baja forums (Baja Nomad), the national news (which is so stale and out-of-date it's sad), and my peeps on the ground there to see what our real plan can become in the next 6 weeks or so.

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Meanwhile - enjoy the pix from breakfast and dinner at one of my fave Baja wine country restaurants - Corazon de Tierra.  Now that is still an escapade that's easily doable since it's just about 3.5 hrs from my front door.  When I have a restaurant (and mark my words, I will someday) - it will be all about lighting and early AM Eastern Exposure and then the stunning evening Western Exposure.  Just like on the Flo (we have North, South, East and West exposure) - it makes every room in the house usuable all the time and full of light and sunbeams. 

Next up (for me solo) is a trip to the Philippines this week, a place to which I've never been.  I just wanna yoga, eat green, get a billion massages and really just grab a fresh sheet of paper and start anew for all the ideas that need to get done for the early 2015 roll out. 

These are exciting times and a good cup of coffee in the morning, with my dog resting in a ray of soft light, and the masts clanking in the light breeze are all that's needed to get the day going up in here.

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Just Some Neat Things

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And, it's all really the tip of the iceberg.

For my birthday, my bud Lis got me the BEST Scrabble board ever created.  We got to playing Scrab a ton this past year or so - started it in Indo at Alila with an few early afternoon old fashioned's and a long drawn out game before dinner...and it continued to dominate our days once we were back from Bali.  She had this board handmade (even the letters) and somehow, magically all the colors really brought together the little living room of the Flo.  It swivels and literally makes my day every time I see it (thinkin' about word ass-whoopin', I suppose).

Then, a random stranger who had read the LA Times article on the Flo dropped off a really sweet present - the artilces pix were fixed up nice in a lovely frame and delivered to me.  Who does that?  He was just delighted with the FLO and I def owe him a nice tour!

Best of all, in my quest to find a perfect little office, I found that my sailboat, Enola, works like a charm.  Its right next to Flo - perfect for Minka walks, drink replenishes, stirring the soup as needed and just generally a super fly set up to edit and write in.  Who needs 4 walls when you've got the Pacific?

And, I cannot wait to get home to do a mega rearrange on the Flo.  Gonna make the bedroom the great room for the SO CAL winter and my friends Nando and Bessie already did the flip for me (what would I do without them?).  Now, I gotta get home and mystify it...I love CHANGE!!!  I will def post pixs of all the little updates I'm planning for the winter and spring.  Dang, a whole new crop of plants are needed, as are new subscriptions, new idea boards, and just a mega life refresh.  'Sall good...

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A quick update from God Knows Where...

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Trust me, I have no idea why I can't post

something awesome every single day. 

I've been all over the place this past year (Minka has been to Mexico 8 times for gods sake)...but it's like I'm in a vortex of some kind.  Damn near impossible to tear away from these 2 shows I'm editing...obsessing over...BUT the good news is, they are literally days away from being done and done and let's all say a little prayer that they GO OUT FRESH N SOLID in the new year!

Now - Loreto.  Stole down there not only for my 40th b-day but also to edit uninterrupted except for fish tacos, SUP'ing, Minka chasing kites, horrific amounts of maragaritas, loads of ceviche and and lots and lots of beach walks.  I just love it there, especially the houses in Loreto Bay.  It's like a little village in the Med but on the Sea of Cortez instead. 

I promise (and I know I say this every time) that I am going to get back HAWD on the tooth.  There is simply so much to share - tons of cool travel, secret scores, insane food, road trippin, doggie finds, etc...I just gotta get back to it!

I'm currently in TN after an epic food and dog adventure road trip thru every major storm the US has seen this winter season.  Finishing up the editing, drinking delish wines from the cool wine shop on the mountain, making lots of good food (Lisa's spaghetti is insane), watching Minka fall in love with my parents dog, and just simply enjoying finishing up these shows and getting ready for a road trip back out west. 

Let me just put it this way, I love the south and I finally made it to Fairhope, AL and Ocean Springs, MS - both of which are adorable and perfect coastal towns!

OK - back to work, but just a touch of Mex makes everyone's day!


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But Then I Remember Why Belize is SOOO Special

Especially after a nice Cuba Libre for breakfast....
I asked the lady running the hotel breakfast room if it would be nuts to have rum for breakfast and she laughed and cheered me (with her own bit she was nippin on)!  My kind of peeps.  Life is too short to not have a damn drink when you exit the hell of the Belizian jungle.  The pina colada I had the night we got out tore my stomach up.  I was so used to just beans and rice and water. Good to know you can't just go back!
Anyhow - we roll out different people.  At least I was.  You begin to realize what you should (and shouldn't) leave home for.   I used to be the gal who would tear out for a job with barely a minutes notice, but things are on the change...I missed Minka something terrible - but then met 2 dogs on the island we had to stop at on the way to Snake Island.  They made my day with their funny dreads and their excited way they greeted every boat that roared by.  
What a simple life the ranger led.  Visitors come.  Tell them about the islands.  Day done.  Holla.
The boat ride over to Snake Island was perfect - I made rum and cokes with fresh ginger and limes.  Coconut rum, mind you.  We swam with sharks.  We saw loads of crazy colorful fish while snorkeling.  We had a ball our last day.   And, then it was over.  Just like that.
Kylie went on to film this new show on Discovery Channel - Naked and Afraid. Her episode premieres July 28 so mega root for her (it's the season finale)!  Dave the DP had just wrapped the new Robert Redford sailing movie he shot in Baja (ALL IS LOST - cannot wait til that comes out this summer)!  And, we will wait and see what becomes of Mark and his footage of the shoot.  Forgot to tell you - in all that freaking jungle...WE FOUND IT.  It was an impossible discovery, but we did it.  

Remind Me Next Time - I HATE the Jungle :)

Thing is - the jungle is a NIGHTMARE.  
It's muggy (my hair never looked better); it's claustrophobic (like being buried alive); it's rife with danger (giant blades on almost every tree we'd scurry past); and it's giving up no tasty food like the ocean does (snake, anyone?).  All that said, it's still pretty mesmerizing.  All that green. 
We'd be out shooting and I'd walk :30 seconds away from camp and feel like I was literally lost for good.  No way back.  No chance of picking someone out through the leaves of the trees.   I think we were all ready to bolt by day 2. After hiking 7 miles in carrying these freakishly heavy backpacks and all our own food and gear, I'm stunned there wasn't a revolt.  Like - WHERE THE F ARE THE PORTERS!  None to be found, just a few guides wielding machetes, a park ranger and us alone with our sweat and thoughts.  And beans and rice.  
I had visions of campfires with delicious cauldrons of soups being simmered all day.  Perhaps some late night moonshine.  Not to happen. Once we got out of the truck and realized what was before us, we ditched all alcohol and non-essentials.  Beans and rice it was.  
Ky is a survival expert but even she wasn't prepped for the sheer and utter fatigue of it all.  5 river crossings, soft rocky ledges, everywhere you looked cloaked by millions of tons of green, ticks so tiny you were awash in 100 of them before you noticed even one of them.  
The miz was intense.  But, at least we laughed.  We filmed.  We saw the fabled peccary (wild jungle pigs) and got it on tape.   But, still - we couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Even the hot sauce couldn't make beans and rice edible for 3 meals a day.  The peanut butter had long ran out.  My bod craved a pina colada (anything cold really) something fierce.  We were beyond dehydrated.  And, you just wanted to crawl into your tent the minute sundown was on the horizon.  Let the day end.  Me and Ky laughed like animals til we fell asleep in shades of heat stroke.
All that said, I'm delighted I did it.  But, oh yah - remind me NEVER AGAIN :)))

California Spiny Lobster Season...Over But Not Forgotten

Photo lob

Bring on the seasons....

I managed to find myself at a sustainable seafood cooking seminar this weekend at the magical store of Surfas. 

They had some good folks in there talking about reasons to eat seafood whilst it's in season, as well as this wizard chef, Mark Gold, from Eva.  He tricked out some mussels with a potato puree and a giant batch of spot prawns with fried tempura heads.  It was all delish and passed around to the audience like kids in a candy store.  Thing is - the reason it was so tasty was cause it was all just off the boat AND it was all in season.  You might think that seasonality doesn't matter with seafood, but it's just like fruit and veggies.  The fish come and go and they also need time to regroup and grow to a certain size.

There was also a fisherman in there that was answering questions - which of course, I stunned him with my litany of questions about fish fraud, fish tagging, and such...but it was just such a joy to see all these peeps really taking pride in where their fresh catch comes from.  And, just pulling off straight up responsible fishing.

Which brings me to California spiny lobster.  Now, ever since I was in Nicaragua years ago, I've had a real strong love affair with lobster (and mojitos and Flor de Cana rum).  I look for it in most places - but that does not mean that I will eat it in most places.  You just don't know where junk seafood trolls in from and you really gotta search out the spots that care.  The chefs that really know their shiz and have relationships with fishermen on that next level.

So, one day last fall I'm trolling about the marina and run into my old dockmaster (an avid diver and seaman all the way around) who was all jacked up about the opening day of lobster season.  His excitement in turn got me all jacked up and before you know it I was on the hunt.  Like hard core.  But, it was a little tough to come by restaurants actually serving TRUE Cali spiny lobster.  Guess where I found it?  That joint The Lobster, right off the Santa Monica pier.  I was soooo hesitant to try it thinking it was just a tourist trap, but after badgering the manager on the phone, he had me convinced that it was the real deal and BAM, I was on the move.  Turns out loads of locals go there - who knew?

Let me put it this way - no lobster I have ever had in all my travels in the world compared to that hulking slab of seafood.  It was char-grilled and dripping with butter.  Steam was smoking off it and the margaritas went down real, real kindly with it.

You know why it was so damn good?  Cause it was IN SESASON!  It was just off the boat.  It was fresh and mighty and since that day, I've pretty much turned my back on all lobster.  It was that phenom. And, now I have to wait til October to get it again - since the season is Oct thru March.

What made me bring all this up?  Welp, I was rockin' some research for my summer project of getting to know all the countries in the world via documentaries and food...and of course Afghanistan is #1 on the list.   I was looking up seasonal food there and of course all that pulls up is food shortages and god awful news about the country as a whole.  No matter.  I am going to cook some goodies from there.  I have my doc/movie list on the up and up...and I'm excited to get it all started.   I'm gonna wait til I move on my sailboat in a few weeks, though - cause right now I'm consumed with work and the FLO BO remodel beginnings.  And margaritas.   And all the seasonal goods in my CSA that I cannot possibly eat all of in one week. 

But, it's coming.  Summer ain't even here yet)...that's the good news!  And, if you've never shot over to Surfas - holy moly - bring the 'old credit card.  That place is insane. 


My Other Summer Project that Revolves Around Geography


Makin' my way around the world this a real different way.

Look at all those masts and imagine where in the world these vessels have been.  This is the view right off my little FLOBO porch and it just takes my breath away every time I look out.  That's the thing with a sailboat - just a bit of wind - and bam, you are on your way.

Once I get underway on my remodel, I'm gonna have to chill on my sailboat a bit.  Which is great by me.  It's right up on the main channel and the view is bananas.  All the sea creatures abound and it's literally a slice of mad paradise.  Plus it will give me a chance to get to know all the new projects I need to tackle on it.  They never, ever, ever end.

Meanwhile - I've been marinating this idea about ways to learn more about the world.  I'm pretty decent with geography, mostly due to travel and my crazy trips on food...but there is just so much more to learn.  So, I'm gonna spend the summer and do a little something like this.

Start with the letter A and go thru every country out there. 

Pick 3 of the best films/docs from each country and watch them down.

Then, get into some food - make a few recipes from the country.  Like true to the rural roots food.

And, finally - try to concoct a super crafted cocktail from the herbs and spices the country is mad about.

Of course, all findings will be published right up here on The Tooth.

**There will of course have to be some digging deep research done on each country - just out of plain curiosity and a need to know.  Like how do you fly there, what's the VISA situation, where do they stand politically, what are the human rights issues (guess I'm all about equality), who are the game changes and pioneers of the future (take me to your leader), whats the normal income per family - you know all the things that you'd just get into to become a better educated person about whats on the happs on this giant green planet.

It all starts with the filmmakers though.  The artists in the said countries who go to great strides to get their stories told in a way that sheds a little light on their slice of the world.  We're all so different and yet, most folks just live within their 20 mile radius. 

First country up is A - Afghanistan.  If you've never eaten Afghan, well - let me put it this way - catch ya on the rebound Indian.  I have the first films chosen, so let me get into it and I'll report back pronto.  You might learn a little something, so def check back in on that project as the summer progresses and join me if you want.  Just a real neat way to dig in deeper.

Brought to you by The Tooth :))


Let's Move To Airstream's for a Minute


Custom VS Easy Peasy...

Once I'm done and done with the Flo revamp, it will be time to move onto my next trailer.  Remember the little 14' solar trailer I cruised thru Mexico with and then sold to a sweet gal on the make for her own nutty adventure?  I miss that trailer and the life I was living in it like crazy - just complete and utter streamline of life on wheels. 

However, the airstream's are pretty dang nice.  They're so sassy.  So clean.  But, of course the question becomes - do you buy an old one and gut it and make it like you want it?  Or, do you take the simple route and just buy a semi-new one with all the tricks already in place.   Custom would for sure be the way, but man after the sailboat flip out I've been doing, and then FLO this summer - who the heck knows. I might be ready to hurl myself off a cliff. 

I just know I really like mobility.  I must.  Nothing is on the ground.  What is that?!?!?  It's an addiction for sure.  But, better that than most I'd say...but a nice little 23' Airstream would be a real good way to make my way up and down the coast of Baja.  

Good news of the day!  I got my new canvas and stainless steel with bimini on order today for my sailboat.  Changing it all up to a nice little color called Parchment.  Light khaki...will look super sleek on the sailboat - with the shiny new paint job I'm gonna give her.  The summer is rife with projects.  All so fun...