Radioactive Fish Cause to go Vegan?


A new hunt begins...

I've flirted with going vegan for years.  It's what my blood type calls for.  It's more ethical to my soul.  However, I love the water and all that comes out of it.  Buckets of sashimi, grilled red snapper, smoked trout, bags of oysters, peel-and-eat shrimp, arctic char stew.  I adore it all.

But, now that bluefin tuna has been reported on as being radioactive (Oh, Japan)...holy moly.  It's like my world has flipped upside down.  Last night I was thinking - hell, now everyone will be asking for farmed fish (which has its own set of horrific problems).  Not to mention, that it seems that all Gulf shrimp now have no eyes.  Christ.

Is the ocean ruined from the nuclear leak in Japan?  Probably.  All this madness is starting to wash up in Oregon.  HUGE floating docks (oddly enough, what you would build your own personal FLO BO on - per my dad) have made their way thousands of miles across the sea and plopped themselves onto the Oregonian shore.  Guess what came with them?  Loads of invasive species that hitchhiked their way across the sea on a radioactive floating dock.  The Oregon folks cleaned them all off and buried them, but still - it's not known if they hatched anything.  I mean - how the heck are you supposed to keep eating when you start to listen to the world out there?

This all brings me to land.  The Bud (my dad) says 2015 and Japan will be no more.  80% of folks there now are exhibiting flu like symptoms.   And 50 million tons of debris is headed this way - which will hit from Alasaka to Mexico.  Payback and karma.  Unreal to even contemplate in this world.

Soooo....I've moved into researching land in the southern hemisphere, where there is water on it.  Lord knows what happens here  in the next year or so.  Or 10.  Nice to have it narrowed down.  South Africa, Indonesia, Ecuador, Peru.  All options. Just look south of the Equator.

I'm just sayin - do a little research.  Watch what you put in your mouth.  It's FREAKY-DEAKY...and I shant be having sushi anytime soon.

Bluefin tuna is a deepwater fish.  Think about what swims above it...