Think or Swim (.com): Online Trading Made Easy

Img_1656So, recently I've been dabbling in some stocks.  Very conservative stuff for the most part.  But, I've actually made over 1/5 of my money back which is pretty amazing and it only took a few months.  Now, I know investing is a very intimidating world, but I did loads of research and determined that was the best online trading setup for me.  Low fees, easy to use interface, real customer service based in all adds up to a great tool.   For the novice, what I did was this:  I tracked about 12 stocks that I'd researched for a few months, noting highs and lows, then I bought the ones that performed best (two of them).  Simple as that.  Now, I can feel myself getting a little crazy with it (one took a massive nosedive last week and I almost sold it all in a dead panic, but ah, the power of a Friday afternoon rebound...).  I just bought a few more stocks (diversifying a little) and I'm real interested to see what the market does with them this week.  It's such a fascinating sport--and addictive to say the least.  If you want to invest in some stocks and make some pretty decent dinero, do like I did, go green.  That's my tip for the week!
*In sadder news, you won't see me diving off the boat again til next summer, since the boat comes out in a few weeks.  Pure tragedy.  Think or swim.  Think or swim.  Think or swim.