Borinquen Restaurant & Homemade 1000 Island

Dscf0797I'm always on the hunt for a great veggie sandwich and the California Avenue hub of popular Borinquen Restaurant has a tasty one.  Their veggie version is crazy simple:  Just cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and a little surprise addition of fried eggplant, all on warm, crusty french bread.  The sandwich alone is great, but they have this gigantic squeeze bottle of some sort of homemade mayo/ketchup dressing on every table that brings the sandwich to a whole new level---well, everything this mock/Latin-style 1000 island dressing comes into contact with becomes rave worthy.  I douse everything I order with it--my chewy yellow rice with  pigeon peas, my crispy french fries (not homemade, mind you), my veggie sandwiches, my black beans---you name it.  It just makes everything taste better--not that the food at Borinquen needs it, though.   Everything at this Puerto Rican restaurant is pretty awesome, including the jibarito sandwich (instead of bread, they use mashed plantains).  Plus, the California Ave. restaurant is just down from my other love, the New Life Cafe~