Wikstrom's Gourmet Foods: Delightful Swedish Pancakes

Dscf4033Little did you know that this adorable Scandinavian grocery/deli in Andersonville was dishing out some delicious Swedish pancakes for a few measly dollars.  Not only do you get two buttery, paper-thin pancakes with homemade lingonberry sauce on the side, you can chill out and drink cup after cup of FREE coffee by the big windows overlooking bustling Clark St. There are only four tables, so get there early on the weekends...and if you go during the week, there's usually not a soul in sight.  They also have the most fantastic selection of chocolates around (it's slightly terrifying to me that I could stand for hours and stare at the shelves full of chocolate bars...salivating, dreaming, wishing, smelling and gently caressing each rainbow colored package).  **And, if you like spinach and onion, they have this little triangle pocket of a spinach pie up by the cash register for .75 that are made every few days by an Assyrian neighbor.  Make sure to take it home and heat it up in the oven, though, because these folks just microwave them and they tend to get a little soggy.  They're much better crisped and flaky--just out of the oven.
Wikstrom's Gourmet Foods (5427 N. Clark)