Memories Inn Tavern: Chevapi at its finest

Late last night, I returned from my own personal farewell to Los Angeles trip. I’d gone out there to sell my sailboat and needed to wrap her up and get her ready for her new owner and while I was there, I revisited some of my favorite haunts and memories in LA (without the allure of a sailboat, who knows when the hell I’ll be back to that shady town). Along the way, I stopped at numerous holes-in-the-wall to fuel my goodbye and happily discovered that Chicago wins out in the back-alley dining department, as well. (After a decade long love affair between the two cities, a solid winner has finally emerged.) Dscf0865_4
On the food front, I was stunned to realize that my neighborhood sushi joint, Kaze, blows LA sushi houses away and that the Chicago Diner rocks the best health nut chopped salad from either coast. Good ‘ole Wholly Frijoles owns the market for Mexican (though Tijuana on Olympic near the 405 is a close second) and I was delighted to discover that my charming little Cafe Effe (on Montrose) still has the most jaw-dropping tuna I’ve come across. And I’m comparing their version to the million-dollar plate that the Pacific Palisades Beach Club serves up. Yep, Chicago wins all the way around.

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