Making Spanish Pan Con Tomato

Dscf1129No matter where you go in Spain, pan con tomato is everywhere.  The best brunch ever is two hyper-yellow fried eggs, oodles of pan con tomato and a big chilly glass of tart sangria. Making pan con tomato is easier than you can imagine.  Some folks toast the bread and some don't; personally, I like my bread lightly toasted.  To make the wildly refreshing tomato sauce they smear over the bread you have to abide by a little-known secret.  The key is to GRATE the tomato.  Who the hell knew?  Take a bunch of ripe tomatoes and grate them like you would cheese on the cheese grater.  Then, toss in a little salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic powder--and let it sit for a spell...and then done and done!  After you lightly toast the sliced baguette, smear on the tomato and the awesome thing is, no matter how long it sits, you are still a-okay.  The tomatoes just soaks deep down into the tiny holes in the bread, making for a deliciously crunchy/soggy/fruity/oily treat.  Easy-peasy~~