Blazin' through Charleston

Dscn0068_1For some reason, I thought Charleston, South Carolina was the answer to all my questions.  Super-quaint, not too big, full of Southern charm, has a Slow Food convivium, and more than anything, positioned right on the Atlantic Ocean (I wanted somewhere I could keep a sailboat in the water year round). 
Look at this little house!  Who wouldn't want to come home to this?  I'm sure this place was a cool million.
Ah, but what I quickly found out after a short trip there in Dec. was that :
A.  It does get cold there (40ish in Dec.).
B.  Just because it's in the South doesn't mean it's not  expensive.
I guess you have to pay for all that cobble stoned history.  Right in the heart of a historical district was a sign for a 3rd floor, 500 sq. foot apartment for sale for $350,000.  That is just totally insane.  Who even makes that sort of cash in Charleston???  The only true industry  there is tourism and come on, what the heck??
Of course, slip fees for a sailboat were once again the cheapest, smartest way to go.  $10 bucks per foot, per month (unlike LA, where my boat is at King Harbor Marina, you could be a liveaboard at a marina here for this amount per month--so, 35 ft. x $10=$350 per month) and you are right in the heart of it all.   Livin' on a boat just looks better and better every place I go.  And, the most important discovery of all~once you have lived on and explored the Pacific, the Atlantic just pales in comparison.  Sorry.

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